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JEB has the expertise and knowledge that enable our project managers to provide worry free on-site performance through the use of state of the art demolition equipment.

Your Source of Quality Demolition Work Across the North Georgia

Buildings are demolished for many reasons. Some buildings are demolished to make way for new complexes like shopping malls and highways. Some buildings are demolished due to their dilapidated, unsafe, and unsightly state. Some buildings may need only selective interior demolition performed to facilitate a renovation or addition. Various types of businesses and commercial enterprises may require demolition services.

We highly recommend hiring professional demolition contractors to help regardless of how simple the project may seem. Heavy machinery should only be used after proper instruction and experience. Our team members have spent years performing demolition tasks in the throughout North Georgia and Metro Atlanta, therefore can safely complete your task at hand.

From construction companies and environmental agencies to utility services and property managers/landlords, we can assist any and all industries. If your building needs to go, give Eastern Environmental Inc a call. Our demolition company serves Cartersville, Acworth, Emerson, Rydal, Kennesaw, and the surrounding areas.

In some cases a building doesn’t have to be demolished and can be saved with remediation or surface cleaning. We are happy to evaluate your building and give you a professional assessment before you make your final decision. Our team is here to help you navigate through the demolition process.

1. Expert and well-equipped.

JEB Contractors has the necessary equipment and experience to safely demolish a structure. One might think that demolishing a structure is as simple as swinging a sledgehammer into a wall until it collapses, but in reality, it takes proper planning more than just simply hammering a wall down. JEB Contractors has the necessary equipment and experience to safely demolish a structure. The company will first assess the structure to be demolished and develop a plan of action.


JEB Contractors will then bring in the necessary equipment, such as excavators and bulldozers, to safely demolish the structure. JEB Contractors will also have a team of experienced workers who will carry out the demolition. Once the demolition is complete, our team of experts will clean up the site and dispose of any debris. As a result, hiring a JEB Contractors is the best way to ensure that a structure is safely demolished.


2. Completes the task faster.

Demolition is not a job for amateurs. The process of demolishing a structure requires a great deal of knowledge and experience. JEB Contractors has the experience and resources to safely and efficiently demolish any structure. The process of demolition often requires the use of specialized equipment, and JEB Contractors has the latest tools to get the job done quickly. We know which equipment or tool to use and how to use them correctly in order to get the task done as quickly as possible. In addition, JEB Contractors has a team of experts who are trained in safely handling hazardous materials. Hence, hiring JEB Contractors we can complete the job faster than an individual or small team.


3. Gets the job done properly and cleanly.

When a building is being torn down, it is important to dispose of the debris properly. This ensures that there is minimal environmental impact. JEB Contractors will haul away the debris and recycle as much of it as possible. We will also clean up any mess that is left behind. This is important because it helps to keep the area around the construction site safe and clean. It also helps to protect the environment from harmful chemicals and pollutants. Choosing JEB Contractors is the best way to ensure that your construction project has a minimal impact on the environment.


4. Insured and covers any potential damages.

When you hire JEB Contractors, you can rest assured that they are fully insured. This means that if there is any damage to your property during the demolition process, JEB Contractors will be liable, not you. The insurance will cover the cost of repairs, so you don’t have to worry about out-of-pocket expenses. When you do any demolition work in your home or any structure, sometimes accidents can occur and possible damages are unavoidable. If it does happen, you will have to spend more money than what you have planned to spend.


In addition, JEB Contractors will have the proper equipment and safety protocols in place to minimize the risk of accidents. As a result, hiring JEB Contractors is the best way to protect your property and ensure a safe and successful demolition.



5. Helps with permits and other paperwork related to the demolition process.

If you’re planning to demolish a structure, it’s important to work with a professional demolition company like JEB Contractors. Demolition is a complex process that requires the use of heavy machinery and specialized equipment. In addition, there are a number of permits and other paperwork that need to be filed in order to proceed with the demolition. Imagine all the time you can save when you leave all the paperwork to someone who can handle it more quickly.


JEB Contractors can help you with all of the necessary paperwork and ensure that the demolition is carried out safely and efficiently. You wouldn’t worry about filling out tedious paperwork, because we can do it for you. In addition, a JEB Contractors will have the experience and expertise to handle any unforeseen challenges that may arise during the demolition process. 

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