Land Grading


Land Grading and Site Prep in Rydal, Ga

Every property development or construction project must be handled by competent people who are not only experienced but also equipped with the right tools and equipment. It is also important to consider their level of skills and in-depth knowledge of various methods and techniques. 

Why Proper Land Grading is Vital?

Typically, the construction phase will only commence once the site is cleared from any vegetation, debris or obstruction. Site preparation is a vital job that must be performed by a qualified contractor. Here at JEB Contractors, we can assure you that we perform with great accuracy the grading and site prep tasks. We will strictly follow the site development plan and perform the jobs according to industry’s best practices. We equip our people with the right kind of equipment to ensure faster completion of the tasks and create a safer work area.

Proper grading and site prep will also result in a hassle-free project. Your project site will be safer because the structures that may cause safety hazards will be removed from the site or reinforced, if they are still needed. Efficient channeling of storm water is also achieved if the site is properly graded. This means that you won’t have to worry about flooding incidents that may damage construction materials and supplies. The building’s foundation is also protected from storm water if the land is efficiently graded.

The main purpose of grading and site prep is to make the soil a perfect base for concrete structures such as homes and buildings. Leveling of soil is also needed for projects involving roadways, parking lots, driveways, sidewalks, and other landscape features.

Reasons to Hire JEB Contractors

For some clients, JEB Contractors is just among the many licensed contractors that they can hire in Bartow County. But our company is different from other service providers in the state. We beat the competition by providing top-notch services and excellent results. Our grading and site prep services are performed only by a team of highly skilled people. They know the right methods to use and the techniques to apply to achieve outstanding results. They also follow systematic procedures to ensure the smooth completion of the tasks.

Here is a short summary of the qualities of our company.

  • professional crews and staff
  • use of modern grading tools and equipment
  • complete inventory of heavy-duty equipment and specialized tools
  • in-depth knowledge of the different grading methods and techniques
  • guaranteed fast service without compromising quality
  • managed by people with decades of experience in the industry


We will Handle your Property Development & Construction Project

Don’t let an inexperienced contractor handle your project’s grading and site prep requirements. Hire only a well-experienced service provider like us at JEB Contractors to get outstanding outcomes. Call us now.